DV s.r.l. Depuration Vehiculer is a company that has been operating since June 1982 in three distinct sectors by designing and building wastewater treatment plants, wine machineries production and sampling systems for the agri-food industry.



After more than 37 years of activity and 250 water purification plants for wineries, DV srl is the leading company in Italy in this sector.

DV s.r.l. systems are able to satisfy the needs of the largest and most renowned wineries up to the smallest realities.

Production includes plants for the treatment of wastewater of breweries, dairies, textile industries, laundries, campsites, hotels and drinking water plants.

Also, DV s.r.l. offers management and consulting services, supporting the client in administrative procedures for discharge authorization and environmental certifications.


Over the years it has specialized in the design and production of high range of systems for wine production and machinery for oenology sector, such as grape receiving tanks and belt and screw conveyor systems for the most important Italian wineries.

All machines and equipment are designed and manufactured in our plant in Cusano di Zoppola, Italy to meet our customers needs.


Since 1987 we also produce sampling systems for cereals, rice, grapes and olives.

STORK samplers are known for great reliability and robustness and allow to take highly representative samples of the product.

DV samplers are supplied in more than 30 countries worldwide through an established network of local distributors.


We also have an engineering and research and development department for the realization of new technological solutions for the agro-food industry and the development and improvement of our machineries and systems.