Wine cellars

DV s.r.l. is a company founded in June 1982. We started our activities in the field of wastewater treatment for companies operating in the food sector, then we specialized in the purification systems for wine cellars.

After more than 35 years of activity and having realized 250 systems for wine cellars, DV s.r.l. is the leading company in Italy in this sector.

Designed according to the needs of each wine cellar, they are structured in such a way as to be easy to use and manage, and to help save energy when grapes harvest is completed.

Constantly adopting new technologies and innovative solutions such as membrane filtration and DV remote control via modem, DV s.r.l. systems are able to satisfy the needs of the largest and most renowned wine cellars, up to the smallest realities.

DV s.r.l. is also in position to offer management and consulting services, supporting the client in the administrative procedures of discharge authorization and environmental certifications.

Remotely control your new system with DV REMOTE set-up system.

Our plants are equipped with the new remote control DV REMOTE SET-UP SYSTEM expressly developed for wine cellars. The software allows you to remotely manage the main machinery and view the levels and parameters of each tank in real time on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, it is projected to receive alarm messages – in this way is possible to manage the system quickly and effectively.