When loads of grapes are brought to the winery, it is very important to be able to correctly evaluate the quality of the grapes in order to both give the correct price to the farmer and to direct the truck to the appropriate production line.

DV sampler is the ideal tool because it is able to go deep into all parts of the truck. Selected grapes are then filtered through the rotating basket that separates the sample useful for the analysis from stalks and seeds which are discharged at the same time in the same truck from which the sample is picked up.

Manufactured in our factories since 1982, it is an extremely robust, easy-to-use and low-maintenance machine.

Equipped with a radio control and a video camera installed on the probe, it allows the operator maximum freedom of movement during sampling operations.

It is also possible to install very high definition video-cameras that allow the operator to carry out a visual check of the quality of the grapes and take pictures of each load in order to have a database of all the sampling.

  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Suitable for all kinds of grapes
  • Homogeneous and representative sample
  • Video-camera and remote control
  • Sampling database
  • Semi-automatic sampling